About us

CINQUE Technologies is a well-established, market leader in providing IT solutions to over 170 companies in 19 countries. SYMEX, the flagship money exchange and remittance solution, is deployed by the majority of companies that outsource their software in the GCC countries. Our clients include the largest money exchange in Kuwait, the fastest growing money exchange and remittance bank operator in Saudi Arabia, and the majority of the money exchanges in the UAE.

In addition to SYMEX, CINQUE Technologies also offers another enterprise solution called Petra ERP for commercial, trading and real estate companies. Other CINQUE solutions include SYMEX WPS for salary transfer, SEND & PAY an agent solution, SYMEX TraX for real-time AML transaction monitoring and OneVAT for managing tax compliance. In addition, CINQUE Technologies offers add-ons to its core solutions such as WebTT for online remittance and SYMEX Mobile Application for mobile remittance. Recently, CINQUE Technologies announced a new partnership with Acuris Risk Intelligence, an AML and risk data intelligence provider, which will offer clients a complete AML monitoring system.

Having operated for over twenty years in the UAE with a local software development team, CINQUE Technologies has established itself as an industry leader in integrations, customizations and innovations. As a result, CINQUE Technologies is uniquely qualified to tailor and advise you on a bespoke solution for your specific needs.

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