SYMEX is a comprehensive solution that automates the foreign exchange and remittance operations of finance companies. SYMEX software is a core financial and accounting system that serves as the backbone for any money exchange, forex bureau software and remittance company.  In fact, this cutting-edge money transfer business software will allow companies to run both back office and front office operations, manage compliance, monitor AML, facilitate remittances and generate central bank reports automatically.  Developed by professionals in the money exchange business, This money transfer application software has grown into a global leader in providing money exchange solutions.

Why choose SYMEX, the comprehensive money transfer solution, for your business?

SYMEX is a feature-rich money transfer business software that helps automate and streamline your money exchange services business. For example, money transfer operators, banks and utility services can be integrated into SYMEX to avoid double entries and save time. Powered by progressive features, SYMEX remittance software is highly versatile and functional and can be harnessed to offer a full range of services to your customers like foreign currency exchange, local and international money transfers and bill payment.

SYMEX is a robust and easy-to-use money transfer application software that ensures enhanced business process efficiency and effective customer management for your money services business. Achieve improved customer satisfaction by providing a highly secured platform to transfer and access money in a seamless manner. If you want to grow your business with the ambition of becoming a leading operator, let Cinque Technologies help you empower your business with SYMEX, the leading money exchange and remittance software.

  • Web based financial accounts solution.
  • Retail/HNI/Corporate handling.
  • Foreign currency exchange software.
  • Remittances (inward, outward, intrabranch).
  • TT products.
  • Utility and bill payment.
  • Point of sales module.
  • AML and KYC compliance.
  • Value added tax (VAT) ready.
  • MTO, bank and utility services integration enabled.
  • Loyalty card integration and management ready.
  • ID integration enabled using SDKs.
  • Central bank reports automated and generated to each country.
  • 24/7 support with ticket management system.