Managing VAT and staying compliant with the fast-evolving tax standards is becoming harder every year. From small businesses to multi-national companies having operations in numerous jurisdictions, the industry is plagued by the time consuming filing process with widely varying complexities and requirements.

Gain control of your VAT compliance process with OneVAT

OneVAT is our response to the markets need for a simple yet complete software solution to manage VAT compliance in the region.

It is an innovative and comprehensive software solution that helps businesses to automate their internal VAT processes. The VAT compliance software is based on GCC tax laws and is capable of storing and updating tax rates as per the rules and regulations published by the tax authorities. OneVAT seamlessly integrates with other business systems to offer a hassle-free tax management solution. This can be customized according to the different regulatory bodies globally.

•  VAT compliance software

Learn how to minimise dependency on manual processes or conventional spreadsheet-based technology and improve compliance accuracy.

•  VAT report generation

Focus on your core business by outsourcing complex VAT reverting. OneVAT aids in automated VAT returns by consolidating critical data from your financial systems.

•  Comprehensive support

Get indepth data analysis, VAT grouping, divisional reporting, and error checking services for your compliance transaction data.

•  Improved automation

Cutting edge tax engine software with a wide variety of automation solutions, customised to meet your business needs.


It integrates with SYMEX, Petra or any ERP system, custom core solutions, e-commerce platforms or point of sale solutions.


Helps automate your VAT determination using centrally maintained VAT rates and rules.


The tax engine software validates the VAT calculation of your core systems before preparing the VAT return.


Reconciles VAT returns with your financial systems data.