Success Stories

Index_Sayed Abdus Salam
Mr. Syed Abdus Salam
General Manager
Index Exchange, UAE
Client for 15 years
“Cinque Technologies is our preferred and trusted software vendor in the UAE by providing quick support, understanding our business requirements, and delivering smooth end to end operations. I wish Cinque Technologies all the best, and I expect the company to flourish with its new leadership in their future endeavors.”
Al Bader_Abdus Salam Mangalore
Mr. Salam Manglore
Operations Manager
Al Bader Exchange, UAE
Client for 15 years
“We wanted to adopt the best system available in the market and Cinque Technologies had it. The SYMEX System is not complicated in terms of understanding, and is user friendly with timely updates.”
Delma_Zahir Moghal
Mr. Zahir Moghal
Delma Exchange, UAE
Client for 10 years
“We chose Cinque Technologies Solutions for the effective management of our payments systems, records, compliance, VAT and accounting. Looking forward to strengthening the Delma/Cinque partnership to navigate through the ever changing nature of our business while continuing to innovate.”
redha photo
Mr. Redha Mohammed
General Manager
Al Jaber Exchange, UAE
Client for more than 12 years
“Cinque Technologies treats us very well, by covering all our requirements and completing them in short time. We are happy with new management because they make our work easier.”

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