Simple, swift and a secure way to transfer money online. SYMEX WebTT is a versatile, web-based solution that allows customers to make online remittances at the tap of a button and access online services without having to visit a branch. Customers can easily gain online access through any web browser including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This platform helps streamline business processes and seamlessly integrates with other systems.

SYMEX WebTT is an all-inclusive and full-fledged, online money transfer solution that helps automate diverse aspects of your business while offering your customers end-to-end services of foreign currency exchange, international or local money transfers and bill payment. The online remittance platform broadens the reach to new customers in areas without branches, all the while decreasing expenses associated with maintaining that physical presence. SYMEX WebTT will empower your business to optimize its profitability.

The online money transfer software is tightly integrated with the core operations of the remittance business. Multiple levels of security are incorporated at the Login, device, subscription identity module and authentication level. Applying advanced security features while keeping the product user-friendly, we have built SYMEX WebTT into an exceptionally popular, online remittance software.

  • Instant payments.
  • Currency converter.
  • Branch locater.
  • Detailed transaction history, pending transactions and notifications.
  • Payment modes like bank transfer, card payment and cash at the counter.
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations.
  • Payout options including bank transfer, cash pickup and door to door.
  • Multiple Express and TT products across different corridors.
  • Client logo, watermark and design/color scheme customization.
  • Three factor authentication for users.
  • Evaluated Login attempts.
  • Both iOS and Android compatible.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Multiple languages including English and Arabic.
  • White labelled for client identity and promotion.
  • Cloud or On-Premise hosting.