As we celebrate over 26 years in the enterprise software business, I am proud to announce the launch of “Finch Innovate” as our sister company focused on AML/CFT compliance and eKYC solutions. We formed a new company to mark our transformation from a software to a Fintech company moving forward.  As a part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we are investing and expanding our payments platform to incorporate AI and blockchain enabled technology.

Cinque, pronounced as SYNC (synchronization), is defined as the coordination in time between two or more processes, activities, or devices. As we are in the business of connecting systems and services together, we thought the name was befitting our company.

Cinque also means 5 and defines our five core principles of (ICARE): Innovation, Commitment, Accomplishment, Reliability & Experience.

In the spirit of our name, the Cinque team will focus on growing our relationships with our clients based on our strong legacy. Looking toward the future, our mission will be to bridge the gap between global trends in financial technology and the need for our clients to be competitive locally.

So, let’s Cinque!

Basil Salah
Managing Director