Success Stories

Mr. Ward Said
General Manager
Dan Exchange, Denmark
Client since 2016
“The system pushed us to define specific roles and rights to the different parts of our organization. We have improved our companies infrastructure due to SYMEX.”
Dr. Phogat (1)
Dr. Mohinder Singh Phogat
Managing Director
Mahe Exchange LTD, Seychelles
Client since 2018
“Team is good and cooperative while the management is flexible and helpful. We had started operation with basic software while now we are implementing multi pay mode, express products, and some more reports, API and file uploads through the software.”
Mr. Amar Lal
General Manager
Prime Exchange Limited (Hong Kong)
Client since 2015
“We understand that Cinque Technologies is the leading ERP software provider in our industry because they are able to cater to the requirements of the Central Bank and are in tune with the latest technology.”
Mr. Abhay Kumar Vidyarthi
Member Board of Supervisors
Albashir Exchange & MSP, Afghanistan and UAE
Client since June 2018 
The team was able to learn the functionality in a short time and was able to efficiently run the software with minimal support from Cinque Technologies. I found the Cinque Technologies team to be professional and customer friendly. The top management is also involved in customer issues which is very heartening and brings about faster resolution of issues. “