I am proud to announce the launch of Mighty System’s new name, Cinque Technologies.  Cinque, pronounced as SYNC (synchronization), is defined as the coordination in time between two or more processes, activities, or devices.  In the spirit of our new company name, our Cinque team will focus on maintaining a harmonious relationship with our clients.  The other meaning of Cinque is the number 5, relating to our five core principles, I CARE: Innovation, Commitment, Accomplishment, Reliability, and Experience.

We changed our name to mark our transformation from a software to a FinTech company moving forward into the future.  As we mark our 21st year of being a solutions provider in the GCC enterprise software market, we remain committed to our founder’s legacy.  As early as 1997, the late Mr. John Cherian had a vision to create a successful software company by developing end-to-end enterprise solutions, maintaining close ties with our clients, providing quality support locally, and offering AML and compliance solutions to meet regulatory requirements.  Since that time, we have emerged as a global market leader in our industry and distinguished ourselves by having integrated more than 140 bank, money transfer operators and other service providers including utilities and airlines to our core systems.

In 2017 and under new management, Cinque Technologies has embarked on restructuring our departments and developing internal processes that will allow us to better serve our clients.  We also started working on improving our Change Management System and adding new staff members who bring with them new ideas.  Last year, we introduced two new products: SYMEX TraX for AML screening and transaction monitoring, and OneVAT for management of tax compliance.  We also have partnered up with C6 Intelligence, a leading data set provider including PEP lists, to offer our clients a more complete AML solution.

Just recently, Cinque Technologies created a new department called New Initiatives.  This department will be the research and development incubator for Cinque, producing our next generation of products and services.  As the new Managing Director of Cinque Technologies, my vision is to bridge the gap between new global trends in financial technology with the need for our clients to be competitive locally as well as globally.

So, let’s Cinque!

Basil Salah
Managing Director