SYMEX is a comprehensive solution that automates the foreign exchange and remittance operations of money exchanges and banks. SYMEX is a core financial and accounting system that serves as the back bone for any foreign exchange and remittance agent. In fact, SYMEX will allow companies to run both back office and front office operations, manage compliance, monitor AML, facilitate remittances and generate central bank reports automatically. Developed by professionals in the money exchange business, SYMEX has grown into a global leader in providing money exchange solutions.

Money exchange operations and accounting procedures are distinctly diverse and call for stringent management controls and thorough scrutiny by regulatory bodies. Given the diverse and complex nature of money exchange houses with an emphasis on financial security and compliance, SYMEX is the all-in-one enterprise solution for the most critical part of any money exchange business. SYMEX is the ideal tool due to its accuracy, flexibility and is well known among regulators and auditing firms.

  • Web based solution.
  • Dictionary based bilingual support.
  • Value Added tax (VAT) ready.
  • Customizable as per the country jurisdictional and regulatory business standards.
  • Facilitates loyalty card integration and management.
  • Point of sale module to manage cash payments against credit cards/utility module.
  • Consolidated and branch wise reporting.
  • ID integration using SDKs.