Petra HCM

Petra HCM has been developed as an integrated module to take care of an organization’s human resources and PRO requirements. It can be integrated with Cinque Technologies core products or independent products.

Multiethnic group of business people sitting in annual meeting in conference room. Mature leader with businessmen and businesswomen discussing. Busy partners working together in modern office.
  • Developed as per GCC labor laws and can be customized further.
  • Integrated with PRO and HR requirements together.
  • Pre-Alert system for staff documents expiry (passport, visa, labor card) and company’s documents (rent agreement, municipal agreement etc.).
  • Employee management with payroll processing / leave management / loan management.
  • Integrated A/C posting to core systems.
  • Bank letter generation / SIF file generation  for salary transfer through WPS.
  • Support for time & attendance system integration with portable terminals.
  • Provision calculation for gratuity, leave salary and ticket for expatriates.