Cinque Remit

For seamless financial transactions and optimal business growth, it is crucial to provide customers with a wide range of remittance solutions so they can send money in a fast and prompt way. Often, a money transfer transaction fails due to the lack of a suitable remittance method. This can result in customer dissatisfaction and significant business loss. To address this challenge, Cinque Technologies has introduced Cinque Remit, a cutting-edge remittance gateway that allows a remitter to transfer money electronically to beneficiaries via a wide selection of delivery channels such as ATM, payment gateway, POS, mobile and IVR. 

Cinque Remit is a unique solution that helps connect your company systems or businesses to global money transfer services. The solution provides integration with 140+ MTOs and banking products. Current retail customers can utilise their accounts to remit funds conveniently by using various channels. Businesses can increase transaction volumes by offering a wide range of remittance products that can be accessed using the Remittance Gateway.

Key Features of Cinque Remit 

  • Secure remittance gateway with high-end integration capabilities with the core system.
  • Seamless integrations with 140+ payment solutions from leading banks and financial institutions.
  • 24/7 remittance facility across multiple payment channels.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Dedicated helpdesk support.

Facilitate Secure and Instant Payments with Remittance Gateway 

Choose Cinque Remit, the most trusted remittance gateway to:

  • Provide Multiple Remittance Options: With a wide selection of payment options, provide customers with a hassle-free experience for money transfer globally. Flexible remittance options that help grow your customer reach by boosting transaction volumes for your business and improving revenues.
  • Secure Money Transfer Transactions: To address the challenges of Cybercrime and Anti money laundering, we have designed the remittance gateway to be highly secure, with multiple authentication layers.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Providing your customers with fast and smooth remittance options to achieve improved customer satisfaction.