Cinque Pay

Cinque pay simplifies Central bank payment systems by helping banks facilitate payments using digital channels and seamlessly integrating both external and internal payment systems. Cinque pay unifies all products under one umbrella enabling automation, reducing manual intervention, providing a consolidated end of day reconciliation and optimizing operational efficiency.

Cinque pay is a flexible, configurable system built using the latest technology which reduces the infrastructure cost and annual maintenance costs for the clients. The system has an inbuilt rule engine to validate and securely send transactions as per the guidelines of Central Bank. It has configurable workflows and carries out payment realization to the destination payment systems and gateways.

Cinque pay is a centralized payment system which unifies systems like FTS, DDS, WPS, ICCS and IPI under a consolidated dashboard. The dashboard enables the clients to gain an insight of the transactions in queue and the current services. There are alert mechanisms like email and SMS alert which help the user take the appropriate actions. Cinque Pay can be hosted on cloud, and this system uses Devops methodology, saving the client time and money.

Unified payment platform is the future!

In the digital world today, the payment landscape is continuously evolving, and clients customers expect faster turnaround time and secure payment channels. There is a need to integrate various payment channels for the banks and other financial institutes. Cinque has developed Cinque Pay to cater to the market needs and provide a one stop solution for Central Bank regulated systems. This platform empowers the financial institutions to thrive regardless of how the future of payments unfolds.

  • Real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Unified dynamic dashboard.
  • 24*7 Availability.
  • All the payments are made in a highly secured environment, which eliminates any kind of risk.
  • Compatible and can integrate with different financial applications.
  • Configurable workflows.
  • Simplified operations.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced infrastructure costs.
  • Reduces human errors.
  • Positions alerts.
  • Central bank reports.
  • End of day reconciliation.
  • Annual Maintenance becomes more easier and fits the budget.
  • A unified payment platform provides innovation with payment security.