SYMEXSystematic Money Exchange Solution

It’s the largest & most used enterprise software for money exchange corporations around the world

We, at Mighty Systems, are the proud creators of SYMEX – a software that’s recognized and used throughout the remittance and foreign exchange market. The automation of financial transactions has been made possible by our comprehensive & scalable SYMEX software that’s been growing in demand all around the world.

With SYMEX, make money exchange management easier than ever.

It’s the all-in-one software that’s the most crucial part of any money exchange business, due to its application in complex transactions and markets.

Given the diverse nature of money exchange houses with an emphasis on financial security and IT policies, SYMEX is the perfect tool due to its accuracy, flexibility & recognition by the Central Bank

  • Entity-wise data management for easier access to multi-branch transactions, combined with a standardized data entry interface
  • Quick data processing to serve more customers in less time
  • Integration option for loyalty cards, SWIFT & SWIFT MT formats
  • Point-of-sale module enables cash payments against credit cards
  • Ability to Integrate with core banking applications through APIs and file format uploads
  • Export reports in universal formats such as Excel, PDF or text. Email & Fax reporting is also supported
  • Improved data integrity and security with the incorporation of IT Audit regulations
  • Generate Central Bank reports in a single click
  • AML, Compliance & World-Check database integration
  • Modular design with a graphical user interface including web-based interfaces for online users
  • Ease of usage & maintenance along with user-defined security features and superuser permissions
  • Review accounting elements such Profit & Loss, Fixed/Depreciating assets, Trial Balance, Stocks & more
  • Customer & Bank A/Cs can be maintained in multiple currencies & entities
  • Formally recognized by the Central Banks of UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman along with support for miscellaneous other countries
  • Check blacklisted names in Transfer, Draft, FC Modules etc
  • Automatically print Central Bank forms for amounts greater than AED 2000 & AED 40,000
  • Central Bank, OFAC or any other blacklistInterface
  • Membership card can be created from TT/DD Screens or separately from the masters
  • Multiple beneficiary facility for a single remittance from single interface
  • AML, Money Laundering Act and Compliance rules embedded with reports
  • Supports file formats of more than 65 banks around the world
  • Online integration with systems like EarthPort, Sethu Systems (Axis Bank)
  • STP and FileAct® Integration with SWIFT
  • Image compression facility while storing ID digital images in the database
  • Tagging of suspicious remitters in Card/Membership Master view
  • Enhanced visual presentation combined with ease of navigation, user security and account permissions
  • Complete customer data for different currencies can be viewed anytime
  • Entity-wise stock held by cashiers and agents for each currency, FC,TT & TC
  • Review profit or loss figures that can be segregated currency-wise, entity wise (FC,TT, and TC) at any time
  • Daily & monthly profit calculation through FIFO or revaluation method
  • Data is kept at branch level with complete company reporting option enabled
  • Financial reports and registers can be made at any enterprise level
  • Automatic generation of Central Bank reports without additional time spent